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Petition: Whales - SAWS

The Buenos Aires Group, a coalition of 14 pro-whale countries in South America have proposed the creation of a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic ocean. We are planning on sending this signatory letter to the group as a pre-cursor to the Internatioanl Whaling Commission 2012 conferance in support of their proposal.

To: The Buenos Aires Group

 We the undersigned would sincerely like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Buenos Aires Group for their work  in the defence of democratic decision making processes within the 63rd IWC meeting in Jersey Channel Islands.

We acknowledge the incredible importance and significance of protecting cetaceans in these waters, of designating the whole of the South Atlantic ocean a whale sanctuary and the many benefits to tourism,conservation and research it will bring. In the light of the undemocratic actions taken by certain whaling nations at this years IWC, we call out to the Buenos Aires Group in a bid of encouragement, do not give up this sovereign right to pro whale interests! We support you, we stand side by side with you, along with millions of  citizens and organizations of the world.

Kind regards