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Brazil, Argentina and a coalition of 14 pro-whale countries in South America (the Buenos Aires Group)has proposed the creation of a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic ocean, spanning a vast area, extending from South America’s East Coast to Africa’s west coast joining two sanctuaries already approved by the International Whaling Commission IWC (the Indian Ocean Sanctuary and the Southern Whale Sanctuary)

South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary

Together these would form the biggest whale sanctuary the world has ever seen, ensuring that entire populations of great whales are protected in co-operative research on a large international scale and protecting them from commercial whaling in the entire southern hemisphere.

Blue Whale

For more information can be found at Whale Central
Get Involved - A Call for Support

Help us support Buenos Aires Group in their positive stand for whales and the south atlantic sanctuary:

No of Signatures: 824
Joana CastroMarine Mammal ResearcherPortugal
Kristina PolkUnited States
Kathy HallMarine BiologistPuerto Rico
Kyla MedinaStudentUnited States
Nicole WashburnArgentina
Julie Andrea Junge-JensenDenmark
sophie gonzalezPanama
Ariole K. AleiCanada
Frank ZabelCanada
Iris WolfCanada
Charmaine CoimbraUnited States
Eva ThompsonBotswana
Gudrun OrtnerAustria
Zayna RoblesUnited States
Melissa ThompsonUnited States

Do a hand STAND for the sanctuary.

As well as signing the letter above we are asking individuals, groups and organizations to help make a visual impact by helping us create a collage of hand prints supporting the whale sanctuary.

Join us at the Women for Whales stand at the Whalefest Brighton, UK

OR Create your own:
  • Get a white canvas sheet (old bed sheet will do) and diffent water paints and get your friends and family to sign hand prints supporting whales and a permanent sanctuary in the south atlantic.
  • If you want to be creative cut  out a life size shape of a whale for a greate inpact or maybe you have a better idea.
Completed canvas will be displayed at whale conferance in Panema in June 2012.  Collection points in UK, USA, Portugal and Panama will be avilable shortly.

Visual images supporttng the sanctuary can be uploaded by signing the approval letterabove.
The Sanctuary

The proposed Sanctuary is home to 54 species of marine mammals,including known breeding grounds for all large whale species plus feeding areas for at least two species (Bryde’s and sperm whales) It also includes the yet undetailed migratory paths that baleen and toothed whales use on their way to and from the feeding grounds. Whale species from the Southern Atlantic oceanic basin were amongst the ones that suffered the most from twentieth century whaling activities which decimated their populations.

A sanctuary is critical to their population recovery and in the process will also create economic opportunity for the nations within its boundaries,many of which have already taken the initiative and support thriving whale watching industries.

It is the sovereign right of the people of South American to protect their heritage, the great whales, for generations to come, yet this sanctuary proposal has been a longstanding project. Time and time again, it has fallen just short of the necessary three-quarter majority vote in the yearly IWC meetings. Most recently at the 2011 IWC in Jersey UK, the undemocratic actions of whaling nations shocked the world as they actually walked out the meeting, in order to block the Sanctuary proposal. The decision has been shelved (yet again) until the 2012 IWC in Panama. And thats where Be As One and Women for Whales are heading.

Ensuring sanctuary for the future of the great whales is a responsibility of all of us who are aware and wish our children to have the privilege of sharing this planet with these sentient beings. The whales are a link in a grand chain that keeps our ocean alive, and if the oceans die we die too. Its time for each and everyone of us to take responsibility to save our future.

For further info details can be found on Whale Central

In collaboration with

Women for Whales
Women for Whales

Centro de Conserva Cetacea (Chile)